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About Chin-ai Music   (meaning My Dear Music in Chinese)

From Renai Township in Nantou County, the Chin-ai Music Orchestra is comprised of local students from the Seediq and Atayal Tribes. Although the village is beautiful it lacks resources and faces challenges associated with being in a remote area. This is especially true for the children who grow up in this area as these mountains have become a barrier to their development.


  In 2006, a young couple, Tzu-Chien Wang and Pei-Wen Chen, arrived in Chin-Ai Village to teach art and music in a local elementary school. Moved by the good-nature of local people, they embarked upon a personal mission to help local children. Some two years later, they started teaching local children how to play the violin and provided free dinner for them. Later, a loan from the bank allowed for the purchase of a van as well as residences for the children to stay overnight allowing them to concentrate on education and music. The Chin-ai Music Orchestra now sustains these children from elementary school to college.


  Chin-ai Music Orchestra hopes to use music to change the fate of young people in this remote area, deviating from traditional values which only valued academic performance and grades. This couple uses music as a tool to convey their belief that success should be defined by constant daily efforts, not just one-dimensional evaluations. They also promise to never give up any child. As long as children are willing to learn music, Tzu-Chien and Pei-Wen will do their best to provide them with this opportunity.


  Established a decade ago, Chin-ai Music Orchestra, the children in this group have witnessed the unlimited potential in future and have also learned to take responsibility for their lives. This small orchestra from a remote mountain village in central Taiwan, has broken the boundary of traditional education by focusing on individual skills and team bonding.


  Members of Chin-ai Music Orchestra range from elementary school to college students, and they all come from a humble background. But their talents, dedication and endless efforts have won them numerous prizes from youth music competitions in Taiwan. Furthermore, they were invited to perform at the prestigious Summa Cum Laude Festival held in Vienna, Austria in July 2017, and won the first prize in orchestra category with their outstanding performance. Philipp Pointner, one of the festival judges, commented that these young people are technically very good, and you can feel their hearts and how they make music. Another judge, Georg Mark, who is the leader of conducting class at Konservatorium Wien University, praised their outstanding performance commenting that it was like they had already spent 20 years studying music.


  Members of Chin-ai Music Orchestra want to express their love and introduced the world to Taiwan through music. The children all hope that their music can continue to convey love and their passion for life as they perform brilliantly on the stage.


TEL:049-2316387 , 02-55994563