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Chin-Ai Music: the Sound of Home

Chin ai Music is based at the heart of Taiwan, called Chin-Ai village. In 2008, Our founders Mrs. Cheng and Mr. Wang started an after-school music/care programe without any funding, promoting character-building and music education. Later in 2014, Chin-Ai Music was established, which is the first indigenous string orchestra in Taiwan. and most members are Tayal and Sedeq.

14 years on, we have stayed by the side of more than a hundred children, aged between 2 to 24. We are like a big family, the kids call Mr. wang and Ms. Chen "Aba" and "Amu", father and mother in Taiwanese. The music we play portraits that exactly. 

In 2017 we participated in the Summa cum laude international youth music festival in Vienna and won the first prize in the string orchestra category. One of the judge, an Austrian  composer Mr. Pointner commented, "your music is very unique and long lost in Europe. It’s the sound of a family". it might because we do not pick and choose children. We take on everyone who is willing to learn, talented or otherwise. The talented ones learn to be humble and empathetic, while the lesser ones gain confidence slowly but surely. Because as an orchestra, it’s not one's talent that matters. It is weither the whole group is on the same pace and be harmonious and grow together. For kids, Chin Ai music is home.

Music Brings Change

Many of Chin-Ai's children do poorly in school. One out of six even have learning disabilities, They are very unlikely to survive in the school system and made it into universities. With music as a special skill, they have all gone into universities. We currently have 30 of them studying in university around Taiwan, mostly in national Tainan university of art, which is well known in the field.

Making our own Music of Taiwan

Apart from playing, we also compose. We’ve composed and published over 60 pieces in the past 3 years. We not only wrote the music but also scripted the story in our latest concert series “Lawa’s Rainbow Bridge”. Only through making our own music, we will have our own voice, and it will become the sound of this generation of Taiwan. We hope the world will hear us, the sound of family, the sound of Taiwan. 


Being genuine leads us to be practical, being practical leads us to be unyielding, and being unyielding brings out the value.

We believe we have to be genuine in everything, including learning.

Play the violin genuinely, make genuine music, and use this passion to demonstrate the value ignited by we aboriginal people.

As the children of this land, we aboriginal people carry more responsibilities than others for loving our land and taking care of the people of this land. We want to make the glory that is as shiny as the Sun, warming up every corner around the world.

Because of this responsibility, we have work harder than anybody else.

My dear children, go ahead and create the future that belongs to you.

Chin-Ai Music is a non-profit performance group registered under the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Nantou, Taiwan.

Registration No. 1030041660.


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Tel: +886(0)49-2316387

Fax: +886(0)49-2316928

e-mail: music@chin-ai.org.tw

Address: No. 7, Guangming Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 540217, Taiwan (R.O.C.)