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Chin-ai Music: Children of Midsummer

From the founder of Chin-ai Music:

In January 2008, a kid from the remote mountain came across a teacher who was playing the violin. He told the teacher he wanted to learn how to play the violin, too. So, the teacher went to the city and bought four violins back to the mountain. 

The story of Chin-ai Music started from there. 

I always remember the moment when the first kid finally learned how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The image of his face and the sound of the piece are deeply carved into my heart.

After all those years, kids have grown up and moved on. I am still here, watching them from being toothless kids running around to teen musicians gracefully performing on the stage. Kids, you guys are so wonderful, and I am so proud of you. 

There are so many people we need to thank. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. We will keep it up.


Being genuine leads us to be practical, being practical leads us to be unyielding, and being unyielding brings out the value.

We believe we have to be genuine in everything, including learning.

Play the violin genuinely, make genuine music, and use this passion to demonstrate the value ignited by we aboriginal people.

As the children of this land, we aboriginal people carry more responsibilities than others for loving our land and taking care of the people of this land. We want to make the glory that is as shiny as the Sun, warming up every corner around the world.

Because of this responsibility, we have work harder than anybody else.

My dear children, go ahead and create the future that belongs to you.



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地址 : 54652南投縣仁愛鄉親愛村高平路3號  親愛辦公室

          54243南投縣草屯鎮中正路485-17號  草屯辦公室

信箱 :

電話 Tel :   愛樂總機 02 -5599-4563

                  親愛辦公室 049-2974-590

                  草屯辦公室 049-2550-167

傳真Fax :   親愛傳真 049-2974-959

                  草屯傳真 049-2550-169


親愛愛樂 為立案的 公益演藝團體,立案於南投縣文化局,受演藝團體法規範,立案號為 府授文藝字第1030041660號,國稅局編號登記為38893276,贊助皆可開立收據,收據可以抵稅。