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About Chin-ai Music   (meaning My Dear Music in Chinese)

From Renai Township in Nantou County, the Chin-ai Music Orchestra is comprised of local students from the Seediq and Atayal Tribes. Although the village is beautiful it lacks resources and faces challenges associated with being in a remote area. This is especially true for the children who grow up in this area as these mountains have become a barrier to their development.


  In 2006, a young couple, Tzu-Chien Wang and Pei-Wen Chen, arrived in Chin-Ai Village to teach art and music in a local elementary school. Moved by the good-nature of local people, they embarked upon a personal mission to help local children. Some two years later, they started teaching local children how to play the violin and provided free dinner for them. Later, a loan from the bank allowed for the purchase of a van as well as residences for the children to stay overnight allowing them to concentrate on education and music. The Chin-ai Music Orchestra now sustains these children from elementary school to college.


  Chin-ai Music Orchestra hopes to use music to change the fate of young people in this remote area, deviating from traditional values which only valued academic performance and grades. This couple uses music as a tool to convey their belief that success should be defined by constant daily efforts, not just one-dimensional evaluations. They also promise to never give up any child. As long as children are willing to learn music, Tzu-Chien and Pei-Wen will do their best to provide them with this opportunity.


  Established a decade ago, Chin-ai Music Orchestra, the children in this group have witnessed the unlimited potential in future and have also learned to take responsibility for their lives. This small orchestra from a remote mountain village in central Taiwan, has broken the boundary of traditional education by focusing on individual skills and team bonding.


  Members of Chin-ai Music Orchestra range from elementary school to college students, and they all come from a humble background. But their talents, dedication and endless efforts have won them numerous prizes from youth music competitions in Taiwan. Furthermore, they were invited to perform at the prestigious Summa Cum Laude Festival held in Vienna, Austria in July 2017, and won the first prize in orchestra category with their outstanding performance. Philipp Pointner, one of the festival judges, commented that these young people are technically very good, and you can feel their hearts and how they make music. Another judge, Georg Mark, who is the leader of conducting class at Konservatorium Wien University, praised their outstanding performance commenting that it was like they had already spent 20 years studying music.


  Members of Chin-ai Music Orchestra want to express their love and introduced the world to Taiwan through music. The children all hope that their music can continue to convey love and their passion for life as they perform brilliantly on the stage.


TEL:049-2316387 , 02-55994563








親愛愛樂 為立案的 公益演藝團體


立案號為 府授文藝字第1030041660號





2020/06/29  尋找台灣感動力- 琴聲飄揚 親愛部落音樂夢

2020/04/20  彩虹下的幸福─親愛愛樂盛夏的孩子

2020/02/15  親愛愛樂師生健走 引導孩子學習獨立自主

2019/12/13  我們做了一把小提琴 feat.親愛愛樂 || LOL 

2019/11/18  不只愛樂的親愛愛樂【民視台灣學堂】台製日常 

2019/11/02  親愛愛樂讓江老師淚崩發生什麼事? || LOL

2019/09/18  【寶島全世界】-鄭弘儀 

2019/09/17  親愛愛樂弦樂團 9/21.22台中中山堂巡演

2019/09/16  領航原民音樂夢 親愛愛樂為學童鋪路

2019/09/04  音樂裡找到人生 親愛愛樂創實驗學校

2019/09/03  樂團團長創校 互動教學激發潛能

2019/02/10  親愛的 向前走 (2019行腳紀錄)

2019/01/28  集集親愛愛樂團快閃火車站

2018/11/26  "黑孩子"音樂會 行動撕除社會標籤

2018/08/17 【大愛探索周報】親愛十載 琴緣有愛

2018/07/09  親愛提琴故事節 奧萬大演奏"盛夏"饗宴

2018/05/20  親愛愛樂弦樂團 首登國家音樂廳

2018/01/07 【大愛全紀錄】親愛的孩子

2017/11/27  親愛愛樂十周年「盛夏的孩子」內心話

2017/09/05  親愛愛樂弦樂團 勇奪世界冠軍曲目搬上舞台

2017/08/12  親愛愛樂弦樂團 提琴故事節回饋演出

2017/08/08  新聞暖暖包訪問南投親愛愛樂絃樂團

2017/07/23 【文茜的世界財經周報】南投親愛愛樂 維也納音樂比賽榮獲冠軍

2017/07/10  南投「親愛愛樂弦樂團」維也納參賽獲優勝

2017/07/10  親愛的!叫你第一名

2017/07/04  親愛愛樂維也納金色大廳演出 國際青少年音樂節

2017/05/02  為了出國比賽 親愛愛樂弦樂團師生籌旅費圓夢

2016/12/20  劃破天際看世界 台灣篇

2016/09/07  高山上的幸福記事---親愛愛樂

2016/08/08  親愛愛樂墾丁募款幕後花絮

2016/06/24  傳藝金曲獎入圍名單 原民作品表現亮眼

2016/5/11  獨立特派員 第446集 (親愛的 我們這一家)

2016/4/10 【TVBS看板人物】奧萬大仙樂飄 「親愛」故事 TVBS

2016/1        【 親子天下】一個都不能放,等待孩子開竅



2015/12/10  商業週刊】他們,發芽了 

2015/11/29 跟著dapin去旅行

2015/10/30 親愛國小創舉 挑戰全台小提琴巡演


2015/9/12 【中視新聞專題】燃燒的鬥魂~ 原住民孩子的音樂村 王子建夫婦負

2015/7/29 【真情映台灣】陳珮文 王子建

2015/7/24 【誰來晚餐】琴弓上的愛與愁

2015/7/22 【熱血老師 ♥ 翻轉學生】Lesson 9 南投 親愛國小 座談會

2015/7/20 【熱血老師 ♥ 翻轉學生】Lesson 9 王子建 陳珮文老師

2015/6/3 【我的老師這樣教】小提琴的幸福記事 - 王子建

2015/4/12 【燃燒的鬥魂】陳珮文 王子建

2014/12/7 親愛國小弦樂隊 故事改編拍微電影

2014/10/5 應TED大會邀請 親愛師生演奏小提琴 

2014/9/18 【看見心觀點】親愛國小小提琴之戀

2014/9/18 【看見心觀點】山中傳奇 小提琴音樂村

2014/8/25 「原鄉天籟」 南投仁愛鄉小提琴村

2014/8/17 【樂事美聲錄】南投仁愛鄉

2014/7/22 親愛部落 翁山蘇姬 跨海牽琴緣

2014/6/21 【民視異言堂】親愛的小提琴手

2014/4/23 全國音樂比賽 親愛國小獲冠軍殊榮

2014/1/9 【商業周刊】我住在幸福村音樂巷520號

2014/1/9 【商業周刊】他們用手工琴 拉拔一整個村

2014/1/9 小提琴「拉住」50位貧童 夫妻揹債千萬不悔 

2013/12/30 【小人物大英雄】高山上的提琴手

2012/11/26 沙漠玫瑰 國臺交赴偏鄉培育幼苗

2012/7/13 親愛音樂班

2012/7/18 親愛國小6學生 考上草屯國中音樂班 

2011/6/30 【下課花路米】親愛的手工小提琴

2010/7/29  一步一腳印_發現新台灣_山上的小提琴課01